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Discretionary Grant Information System

Budget by Source of Funding for the Most Recent Application Year

MCHB grantees provide budget data by source of funding for each year of their grant. The source of funding is broken down by Federal, State, local, program income, and other non-Federal funds.

The budget data by source of funding can be viewed either by MCHB Program or by Legislative Authority. Select either Program or Legislative Authority to view the budget data.

  • Program
    View budget data by source of funding by individual or group of MCHB programs.

  • Legislative Authority
    View budget data by source of funding by Legislative Authority.

    Legislative authority is how the funding from Congress is allocated to the MCHB programs. Title V of the Social Security Act, consisting of the Block Grants, Special Projects of Regional and National Significance (SPRANS), and Community Integrated Service Systems (CISS) Grants, makes up the majority of the Discretionary Grant funding. In addition to Title V, MCHB administers other Public Health Service Act programs: Healthy Start, a targeted infant mortality reduction initiative; the Emergency Medical Services for Children program; the Traumatic Brain Injury program; the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening program; the Family to Family Health Information Centers; and the Sickle Cell Service program.