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Discretionary Grant Information System

Healthy Start

The Healthy Start Program is an initiative mandated to reduce the rate of infant mortality and improve perinatal outcomes through grants to project areas with high annual rates of infant mortality in one or more subpopulations. The program focuses on the contributing factors which research shows influence the perinatal trends in high-risk communities. Annually, grantees of the MCHB Healthy Start Program provide information on their program. This information includes data on the racial and ethnic characteristics of program participants, risk reduction/prevention services for program participants, and the Healthy Start major services provided during the reporting year.

Select one of the topics below to view the Healthy Start data.

  • Characteristics of Program Participants
    Search for race and ethnicity data on pregnant women, pregnant women by income, pregnant participants by entry into prenatal care, live births to participants, female participants in interconceptional care/women’s health activities, infant/child health participants, and male support services participants.

  • Number Receiving Risk Reduction/Prevention Services
    View data on risk reduction/prevention services for prenatal program participants, interconceptional women participants, and infant/child (0-23 months) participants.

  • Healthy Start Major Services
    View data on Healthy Start Major Services within direct health care services, enabling services, population, and infrastructure building.