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Discretionary Grant Information System

Healthy Start Major Services

Annually, grantees of the MCHB Healthy Start Program provide information on their program, including data on the major services in direct health care, enabling, population-based and infrastructure building.

Select one of the topics below to view the data for the Healthy Start Major Services.

  • Direct Health Care Services
    View the number of individuals served that accessed a Healthy Start center for direct services, including such services as a prenatal, postpartum or well baby/pediatric clinic visits, as well as adolescent health, family planning and women’s health services.

  • Enabling Services
    View the number of individuals or families served that received enabling services such as case management, home visitation, pregnancy prevention and education, transportation, translation and other education and counseling services.

  • Population-Based Services
    View number of individuals that received population-base services such as immunization and public information education.

  • Infrastructure Building Services
    View number of individuals that received infrastructure-building services such consortia and provider trainings.