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Discretionary Grant Information System

Training Data

The MCH Training Programs have an impact far beyond those trainees who receive a stipend or tuition assistance. Faculty affiliated with MCH Training Programs also educate short and medium term trainees, including medical students, interns and residents, dental students, dietetic interns, nursing students, and many others who train for a short time as students in these programs. In addition, many long term trainees are educated by MCH training program faculty but do not receive tuition or stipend support. In the community, MCH training programs provide technical assistance, continuing education, and produce thousands of publications (journal articles, books, book chapters, reports, etc.) which disseminate knowledge to diverse audiences.

Annually, grantees of the Maternal and Child Health Training Program provide information about their trainees and the impact of their training program. This information includes data on long term trainees, short-term/medium-term trainees, faculty and staff information, technical assistance/collaboration, and continuation education. In addition, MCHB training grantees provide data on the products and publications developed during the reporting year.

Select one of the topics below to view the training data.

  • Long-term Trainees
    Search for data on long-term trainees by race, ethnicity, gender and discipline; disciplines of long-term trainees by race and ethnicity; pre-doctoral and post-doctoral by race, ethnicity and gender; and financial support.

  • Short-term/Medium-term Trainees
    View the number of short-term and medium-term trainees for the reporting year.

  • Faculty and Staff Information
    Search for data on faculty by race, ethnicity, gender and discipline; former MCHB trainees (faculty only) by race and ethnicity, gender and discipline; and staff by race, ethnicity and gender.

  • Technical Assistance/Collaboration
    Obtain data on the number of technical assistance (TA) topics and the number of TA recipients by geographic region (local, state, another state, regional, national and international)

  • Continuing Education
    View data on the number of continuing education students and hours for the reporting year.